Hi! I’m Becky and mom to 2 wonderful kids, Silas and Sydney.  Silas has been baking with me since he was able to stand on a chair at the kitchen counter (and I am not kidding when I say 1, maybe 1.5yrs old).  He has always loved projects and creating things.  Sydney watches whatever her big brother does, and of course wants to join in as well.  So, on any given day, I can have 2 bakers, 2 crafters or 2 project workers that want to make something. I personally love baking and creating as well – so together we find projects to do almost every day.
Follow along as my kids make, then use the ideas with your own kids! My desire is that these pages will inspire you and your kids to make along with us.  My Kids Make, and yours can too!

Got a question? send me an email:
becky {at} mykidsmake {dot} com