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Bunny Cake

19 Apr

What is not to love?

Its a cake.

Its a bunny.

It has Junior Mint Eyes.

And chocolate chip ears.

My Kids Make a “Bunny Cake”, and yours can too! Make one with your kids today!


My – “Make These Soon” – List

17 Apr

I seem to have a growing list of bookmarked projects. The list is growing {almost as large as our pile of construction paper}.

Some are projects that I want to do “some day“.

Others are projects that inspired me in some way.

And still, there is the list of projects I really wanted to do before Easter.

The days go by, and it seems that my list is longer than my day. I haven’t gotten to all my projects, I haven’t even gotten through all the laundry.

Here’s a few projects that are still on my “make these soon” list.



A Little Delightful: Chocolate Bunny Cups

A cup. Made out of chocolate. Need I say more? Brilliant!


A Farm Girl’s Dabbles: Chocolate Marshmallow Bunny

Marshmallows. Chocolate. Cute Bunny Faces. Enough said


Sun Scholar: Surprise Chocolate Eggs

You can hide small toys inside this chocolate egg. Incredible!


Sew Homegrown: Bunny Pencil Pouch

This little bunny can hold markers, pencils, etc. Perfect for a backpack or in mom’s purse!


Nurture Store: Daffodil Bunting

This is beautiful. I wish it was on my wall right now




Thanks for your help!

Easter Sugar Cookies

12 Apr

See this cookie set? It is awesome.

It’s the Stamp & Style Easter Cookie Cutters from Williams Sonoma.

Let me be clear in saying that Williams Sonoma didn’t sponsor this post.

I kinda wish they did, because that would mean that they know who I am.

{beyond the address label they affix to my catalog mailings}

This set really got me thinking about different ways to decorate  cookies.

There’s cookie cutters, stamps, rollers, sprinkles, frosting…

the list is getting longer and longer!

My Kids Make “Easter Sugar Cookies”, and yours can too! Pull out your sugar cookie recipes…


Springtime Sugar Cookies

30 Mar

Spring, where are you?

It was warm for a day, and then cold, cold and more cold.

We are ready for some warmer weather.

In an effort to entice the happy days of Spring to come and stay, we made bunnies, butterflies and flower shaped cookies.

My Kids Make Springtime Sugar Cookies, and yours can too! Get your cookie cutters out and find the sprinkles. Its time to bake!


Topsy Turvy Dinner

18 Mar

Looking for a fun dinner idea?  Want a way to get the whole family interested and EXCITED about dinner? Looking for something to have for dinner on a weekend besides Pizza?  Then you need to have a “Topsy Turvy Dinner”.  We have this every once in a while, and the KIDS LOVE IT!! In fact, we had it last night. And it was fantastic!

My Kids Make a “Topsy Turvy Dinner” and yours can too! Confused? Read on……


Created By Silas: Pear Smoothie

8 Mar

Here it is: Silas’ latest recipe.

This was actually his second attempt at this smoothie. The first he said was “ok” but he had to tweak a few things.  This one, he said was “perfect”.

My Kids Make a Pear Smoothie, and yours can too! Find out all about it:


Created By Silas: A Sometimes Food Dessert

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is a treat for you, Created By Silas.

Silas recently started writing his own recipes, and I have agreed that each week we will make one oh his creations.  He is in charge of writing out the recipe, and together we make his creation {with no input from me}. This past week he came up with a dessert for Valentine’s Day, which he has named, “A Sometimes Food Dessert”.

My Kids Make “A Sometimes Food Dessert”, and yours can too! Find out what Silas created:


Heart Lollipops

11 Feb

Only a few more days until Valentine’s Day, and we are having fun with all our {heart} projects.  My kids love lollipops, and we figured most other kids do as well, so why not give them out as Valentines? So, our latest creation is destined for the hands of friends at an upcoming Valentine’s Day party.

My Kids Make Heart Lollipops, and yours can too! Find out how easy it is:


Heart Fruit Roll-Ups

7 Feb

Fruit roll-ups are fun.  But you know what’s not fun? Not being able to read all the words in the ingredient list.  Seriously, have you checked out the back of the box?

We thought making our own fruit roll-ups sounded like a lot of fun.  You can pick your flavors. You can make it yourself. You get to use a blender.  Whats not exciting about all those things to a 2yr old and a 5yr old?

My Kids Make {Heart} Fruit roll-ups, and yours can too! Find out how, then starting making your own:


{Heart} Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies and 1 Year Blog-iversary

4 Feb

Its February, which means love is in the air, and in the projects, and in all the baking we are doing as we prepare for Valentine’s Day.  But, I mention love today not because of the upcoming holiday, but because I want to thank you all for the support and community over this past year.

Wait, what? Did she say past year???

Yes, yes I did, because today is the

1 year blog-iversary of MyKidsMake!!!!

In honor of the festivities: My Kids Make {Heart} Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies. Because we Heart all of You.


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