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Trucks and an impromtu Lemonade Stand

6 Jun

The town was paving the road next to ours, so we spent the day sitting on a blanket {with snacks of course!} watching the trucks work.

There were dump trucks driving back and forth, front end loaders, street sweepers,…. AND a cool pavement ripper upper type of truck. We were so busy talking about all the trucks we didn’t even realize how long we had been out there!


When we came back to the house for lunch, Debby wrote on Facebook and suggested that we set up a lemonade stand for the Construction Workers.

I mentioned the idea to Silas and it took all of 1 second before he shouted “YEAH LETS DO IT!!!!“.

We quickly made some lemonade and ran back down the street.


The idea was to GIVE the workers lemonade for FREE.

We were having fun enjoying watching all their hard work

the least we could do was give them something to drink.


A bunch of the workers actually gave the kids money, and suggested they enjoy some ice cream from the Ice Cream Truck later.

{Could this day get any better for them?}


At one point Silas ran up to me and said “It’s NOT working. They keep giving me money!”

{He was actually upset that the workers wanted to pay him. It was adorable.}

Sydney then turned to the people and said, “I’ll take your money!” {HAHAHA!}


We had a wonderful day, filled with trucks and lemonade

{and maybe some ice cream if we spot “Mr. Ding-a-Ling” driving around}.




Playing with Numbers

29 May

If I sit with my son and go over numbers with him, he is not interested {and would probably rather choose to take a nap than to sit and “learn”}.

But, if I can manage to incorporate numbers into everyday play, well then he is all aboard!

Do you have a kiddo that’s interested in trains, but not in interested in “learning numbers”? Then this post is for you!

This week, I combined the two…and p.s. it was a lot of fun!


There are many different ways you can incorporate numbers into train play.

My Kids Make “playing with numbers” and yours can too! Get out your train tracks and try some of these ideas…….


Bird Nests

16 May

Today I am guest posting over at Homespun Threads as part of the Summer Soiree.

The Summer Soiree is a “craft camp” so to speak, with new ideas all month of fun things to do with your kids this summer.

Stop over and say Hi!

Here’s a little sneak peak at our post!

We are searching for, and MAKING, bird nests! Come check it out!

“Cook Up A Mess with Clorox” CONTEST

18 Apr


I entered this photo into a contest called “Cooking up a Mess with Clorox”. It turns out that our picture is one of the finalists!!

The next phase of the contest is to get votes, and the pic with the most votes wins.

Can I ask you for a favor? Can you guys vote for them?

The winner gets a trip to NYC for a 2 day KIDS cooking class!!!! Silas has always wanted to go to a real cooking class {and they both love, love, love NYC}.

You can vote once a day until May 12.


{Click the image below to vote}

Please VOTE!

Thanks for your help!

My – “Make These Soon” – List

17 Apr

I seem to have a growing list of bookmarked projects. The list is growing {almost as large as our pile of construction paper}.

Some are projects that I want to do “some day“.

Others are projects that inspired me in some way.

And still, there is the list of projects I really wanted to do before Easter.

The days go by, and it seems that my list is longer than my day. I haven’t gotten to all my projects, I haven’t even gotten through all the laundry.

Here’s a few projects that are still on my “make these soon” list.



A Little Delightful: Chocolate Bunny Cups

A cup. Made out of chocolate. Need I say more? Brilliant!


A Farm Girl’s Dabbles: Chocolate Marshmallow Bunny

Marshmallows. Chocolate. Cute Bunny Faces. Enough said


Sun Scholar: Surprise Chocolate Eggs

You can hide small toys inside this chocolate egg. Incredible!


Sew Homegrown: Bunny Pencil Pouch

This little bunny can hold markers, pencils, etc. Perfect for a backpack or in mom’s purse!


Nurture Store: Daffodil Bunting

This is beautiful. I wish it was on my wall right now




Thanks for your help!

Topsy Turvy Dinner

18 Mar

Looking for a fun dinner idea?  Want a way to get the whole family interested and EXCITED about dinner? Looking for something to have for dinner on a weekend besides Pizza?  Then you need to have a “Topsy Turvy Dinner”.  We have this every once in a while, and the KIDS LOVE IT!! In fact, we had it last night. And it was fantastic!

My Kids Make a “Topsy Turvy Dinner” and yours can too! Confused? Read on……


To create, or not to create. That is my question

6 Mar

I am taking a poll, doing a little research.  Here’s my question for you:

  • On their own, will your kids spend time: drawing, painting, writing, photographing, designing, building, inventing, etc……? Or, do you need to prompt them with project ideas first?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

Happy Thanksgiving

24 Nov

We are busy baking and getting ready for Thanksgiving, as I am sure most of you are as well.  Just wanted to say, Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you have a wonderful day with family & friends.

From our kitchen to yours….

p/s. Looking for a last minute pumpkin dessert recipe? Check out what we will be making today

Hello, Winter

9 Nov

Hello, Winter.

We had our first snow fall of the year this week. First of all, I can’t believe its November already.    Secondly, I can’t believe it has snowed already. Where did Fall go?  Time to get out the mittens and hats from the attic.  Guess we should pack up all the flip flops.

Dont forget the pinata

29 Oct

Be sure to check out the updates on the “Halloween Pinata” post. We finished this morning, and  now it is full of candy.  There is joy and excitement about cracking it open this weekend.

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